About kiko+ & gg*

"toys = communication tool for kids & parents all over the world"

kiko+ & gg* is a modern-minimalist, boutique toy brand from Osaka, Japan.

Over 10 years ago, when plastic toys ruled the toy world - two female toy designers Kaz* and Novi* had a better idea.

Toys could be beautifully-designed, durable, AND fun for kids at the same time!

The brand concept is simple: to create beautifully-designed toys that spark imaginations and make you smile!

kiko+ and gg offers 2 collections of toys and gifts, suitable for babies & onwards:


Designed by Kaz* Shiomi 
The kiko+ collection
 is colorful and quirky, often with a ‘surprise function’ not usually found in traditional wooden toys. Also known for its cooler, wooden re-makes of old-school plastic toys. 


Designed by novi*  & kaz* 
The gg* collection
 features soft, muted colors with a beeswax finish. More of what might be considered classic toys with an educational spin.