Ramen set

NEW*Kiko+ x Oli & Carol Collab: Ramen set

Hey there come on in!
Get ready for the grand opening of our ramen noodle shop!
Load up your bowl with noodles eggs Naruto fish cake and veggies.
Pour in some tasty broth (aka water) and voila - it’s noodle time!

Now serving : a special kiko+ x Oli & Carol collaboration item the Ramen Bowl.
A cozy set featuring a kiko+ eco-friendly wooden bowl & chopsticks topped with rubber noodles and play ingredients from Oli & Carol. The rubber used is 100% all-natural making it safe for both pretend play and sensory experimentation.



Brand kiko+

Noodle x 5 Egg x 1 Naruto fish cake x 1 Vege x 1 Chopsticks x 1 set Wooden bowl x 1

[material] beech wood natural rubber

bowl : ⌀ 12cm x h 6cm
Topping (fidh cake) ⌀ 5.3cm x h 1cm
Noddle length: 30cm

Size: 150 x 150 x 68 mm
Weight: 300g