tape recorder


Turn back time to the good old days with the NEW kiko+ retro wooden tape recorder, a one-of-a-kind toy that combines the charm of traditional wood with modern electronic fun. 

The perfect "remix" of old-school and new cool, this tape recorder actually live records onto the included wooden cassette tape! Use the simple record function to capture a special message, belt out your favorite song or practice a new melody - then hit re-play to relive the magic. 

Modeled after the much-loved old school boombox design, the kiko+ tape recorder is the perfect statement piece for any house party, disco nights, retro photo booth or setting up your very own sound studio. 

How to make a recording on the kiko tape recorder (it's simple!):

 Press ▲ to eject the cassette. 
Turn the ON/OFF switch on the side of the cassette to "ON", then insert it again.
 Press ● once to start recording.
 Press ● again to stop recording.
 Press    to listen to the recording.

Delight in listening to the sound of your own voice (and other entertaining sounds).

[ Contents ]

- 1x wooden tape recorder toy
- 1x battery-operated wooden cassette tape*

*Average recording time is 1 minute
** Recordings can be replayed as many times as desired.
However, a new recording will record over the previous recording.

[ Size ]
310 x 190 x 75 mm
1500 grams